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The EPACC (Events and Performing Arts Center Coalition) is underway!

The South Coast area is largely under served by not having a community Performing Arts Center (PAC). That's why Friends of Music is part of a group initiative to build a future Event and Performing Arts Center for Brookings. There is much work to be done, and we need your help! 


Our vision is to create a community resource that benefits us all. This includes other local and regional performing arts organizations, local business, government, schools, and other non profits in the area. With your support, we can build a resource that will serve our community and help attract tourists to the area who in turn patronize local businesses, restaurants and hotels.

Who will pay to build the Performing Arts Center? 

Our goal is to fund this project through grants, gifts in kind of products and services, and community donations. Friends of Music will be one of those donors, but of course we can't do this alone. We'll need the support of the community to show grantors that a.) the PAC is definitely needed b.) it will provide significant benefits to the community and culture, and c.) it has strong support and will be sustainable into the future.     

What is the time frame for building this facility?

Our hope is within a 3-5 year time frame (2022-2025) however we are in the early stages of organizing this initiative, so no specific timeline has been set. Updates to the time frame will be posted as things progress. 

How can I help?


1. We'd like to hear what you think! Please use the survey download button below to download and answer our survey questions on how the Performing Arts Center will benefit the community.  We're gathering this information to determine the support in the community for this initiative. This is your opportunity to weigh in at the beginning of this project and help ensure you and your organization's requirements are included.

2. There is a lot of work to do to organize a project of this size and many skills and talents are needed. From project and plan development, to fund raising, grant writing, architectural, construction, administration, etc., there's plenty of opportunities to become part of this legacy for Brookings. We're looking for representatives from multiple organizations to help us make this a reality for our community. If you're interested, please email us at or use the contact page on this website to let us know. 


3. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated. These funds will be restricted to use only on the Events and Performing Arts Project. Please use the donate button below to be part of this legacy!  

4. Pledges of future products and services are needed!  Even if you may not know what specifically you would be able to pledge until we begin work on the site, that's no problem! Just having a list of supporters and what they can potentially provide will go a long way towards showing future grantors that we have great community support for this project.  Please email us at or use the contact page on this website to pledge what you can. 

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