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Choose from four Musical Memberships

We've redesigned our Membership program to give you more choices and benefits! Memberships are a significant part of helping us in our pledge to see that our community enjoys live classical music. We receive no funding from any source other than individuals and businesses who believe in a world that has beautiful music in it. Our low ticket prices cover only a small amount of actual concert costs. We invite you to be a part of the lasting legacy of music by becoming a member today!

Musical Memberships coincide with Friends of Music’s concert season, beginning September of each year and continuing through August of the following year. We no longer offer lifetime memberships, however current Lifetime Members are automatically included in the Music Lover category for life.

Please note: Season Tickets are included in the Composer and Maestro membership levels only. Music Lover and Prodigy level members must purchase tickets separately. Current members may upgrade to another level at any time by paying the difference. Please contact us for mid-season or upgrade memberships. Use of this website and submission of your information is subject to our Privacy Policy.

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