Announcing our Virtual Concert Series!

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We're not letting Covid 19 stop us from continuing to bring you beautiful classical music! We're pleased to announce our new virtual concert series for all to enjoy FREE! On the first Sunday of each month, we'll be featuring the artists who were originally scheduled to perform so you don't miss a thing!

Our Featured Artist of the Month


Hannah Addario-Berry

Every now and then, a performance at a Friends of Music concert reaches such a height of virtuosity and emotional pitch that it can not be forgotten.  Such a concert happened when Canadian cellist Hannah Addario-Berry presented an astounding performance of the Sonata for Solo Cello by Zoltán Kodály, generally considered to be the epitome of all works in the repertoire for unaccompanied cello.  It was completed in 1915 and Ms. Addario spent a year touring throughout the western United States and Canada, performing the piece to commemorate the centennial of its composition.  She played it in some 25 venues, and Brookings was the final stop on the tour.  After 24 previous recent performances, Hannah had made the piece her own, and her performance resulted in a huge standing ovation at the end of the concert.
The piece calls for astonishing virtuosity and stamina on the part of the cellist, and makes use of a specially tuned cello that extends its range downward by half a step, giving the instrument a deeper, richer, sound, and extending its range to a full five octaves, all of which is exploited in the sonata.  In fact, the sonata ends with the juxtaposition of the highest and lowest possible notes, a fitting conclusion to an emotionally and technically intensive work.  When you watch this performance, we can almost guarantee that you have never seen anything quite like it, unless, of course, you came to Hannah’s Friends of Music concert.
Click below to enjoy this month's virtual concert by this amazing artist!

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First, here’s Hannah describing the special techniques required in this piece: 
Here's the final product, a dazzling performance of the complete Kodály sonata:

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